Dream, that we can make come true

Each child has a New Year’s dream, but it is the brightest at those children who know that the next New Year can not come any more for them. These are children, suffering from a serious and sometimes incurable illness such as patients of the children’s oncological center “Dacha”. All of them different age, they have a different character, they from different regions of Ukraine, but all of them have the same diagnosis — cancer. We can’t cure these children, but we can make their dreams come true, bringing those gifts them like Santa Claus.

Besides the personal dreams, patients of oncology center “Dacha” have also one common desire — game console, which would help them to distract from procedures, experiences and pain. Besides, according to modern physicians, the play therapy exerts positive impact during rehabilitation and treatment, developing such qualities as concentration, self-checking, daily skills of reading, thinking in the multitask mode and also increase in the general I.Q.

For all this team of the Cryptoheroes project needs 27804 hryvnias or about 1000 dollars. All funds which will be raised over this sum, will be commited to the solution of biggest problem of “Dacha” oncology center — construction of own house. Now the center is located in rented room where only six families at the same time can live, and that it is not enough in comparison with the number of persons in need in such help.

The project will last from 1st to 10th of December.
It is at the moment (4th of Dec) more than half of the sum is collected (upd: on the 5th of Dec all the sum collected). You can see the progress of collecting in real time directly on the project website.

We encourage everyone to join the project, to make this world a little more kindly and more happily, that can be better, than the fulfilled child’s dream.

All questions you can ask our telegram channel https://t.me/NEMUkraineOfficial, and news and progress reports will be published in the telegram channel https://t.me/NEMUkraine

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