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Crypto Heroes is a common project of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, the biggest charity platform in Ukraine and NEM Ukraine team. The goal of the project is to carry out charity fundraising in cryptocurrencies for the “Dacha” family-type children's oncology center and to demonstrate the possibilities of using NEM blockchain technology in charity projects, which will ensure the trust, transparency and traceability of each operation.

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NEM Multisig
  1. Anyone can transfer funds in XEM cryptocurrency to the wallet. In exchange for his donation, he receives an equivalent amount of token project charity: cryptohero, which confirms participation in the project and clearly shows the contribution.
  2. The wallet is multisig and transfer of funds from it is possible only with the consent of four of the five co-signatories.
  3. After the end of the collection period, a transaction will be initiated, signed by the co-signatories and the funds will transfer to the Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange KUNA.
  4. XEM cryptocurrency will be converted at the current exchange rate in the hryvnia and displayed on the account of the Ukrainian Charity Exchange.
  5. UBB disposes of funds according to the project objectives.
  6. All related documents, invoices, contracts, invoices, etc. will be certified by the service Apostille.
  7. Documents will be laid out for universal access to the open source OpenApostille.
  8. The final stage of the project - the transfer of gifts to children in the children's cancer center of the family type “Dacha”.