Children’s Book 2nd Edition

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Little Sofiyka, at the wish of her mother, went to the shop. When a little girl returned with purchases from the shop, she realized that she couldn’t get ice cream at a kiosk, because she had lost the rest of her money. A soft toy NEMja, that was brought from Japan came to help Sofiyka. As it turned out, a teddy friend besides his skill to talk also know a lot about money.

Listening to a story of NEMja Sofiyka becomes a real expert and gets a knowledge about money that cannot be lost!

This book is an educational initiative that will teach children and help them become more financially literate.

But it is also useful for adults who want to better understand how “wondermoney” can deprive the world of some financial troubles.

The book produced in English and Ukrainian and distributed over the World. You can get a paper copy for free from local community representative or in electronic form by donating the project. You will receive a link to e-version of the book in encrypted message.

The funds are collecting to publish 2nd book about Sofiyka’s adventures.